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Carob – a gift of nature

for health and taste

nutritious, 100% natural, mediterranean

Our Promise

High in Fiber

Carob is naturally rich in fiber. It helps lower cholesterol, prevent constipation, and control blood sugar.

Naturally low-fat

Carob fruits have virtually no fat. For those pursuing a low-fat diet, carob is one of the best available options.


Our products are all gluten-free, therefore safe for all food lovers sensitive to gluten (celiac disease).

Our Products

Carob Powder

Our carob powder is obtained from carefully selected carob pods that are dried, gently roasted and ground.
It is unsweetened, gluten-free and caffein free, making it the best cocoa powder alternative.

Carob Syrup

Ceratonia’s carob syrup is made of pure carob and water. Besides its nutritional value, it has a mild and sweet taste, making it the ideal natural sweetener or sugar
substitute, especially for cakes, cold & hot beverages, or even ice cream.

Pomegranate Jam

Starting from meticulously picked
premium fruits, we use a locally developed traditional cooking method to produce a delightful pomegranate jam that keeps all its natural fruity flavor conserved.

About Us

We are a young, innovative company that is fully committed to the sustainable development of the beautiful region of Jendouba in the Northwest of Tunisia, one of the greenest spots in North Africa (previously called the “Granary of Rome”) by leveraging its natural produces like carob.

We not only make premium products that will be sold all over the world and will make our region known, but we also aspire to have a social impact amounting to providing income to up to 30 families (especially the farmers, members of the regional agricultural groups), and a positive environmental impact with a zero-waste production process.

What our Customers say:

“I have tried many carob-based
products, but Ceratonia’s carob
syrup and powder have the best
quality so far..”

“Not just a sugar substitute
with a chocolaty flavor..”

“Everyone who tried it in my
family got hooked on it.. That
caramel-like taste is so

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